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Product number: Seestar-TSP

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Wega dew cap and stray light protection with spike mask for Seestar S50 from ZWO
An interesting combination of a classic dew cap with stray light protection and a spike mask.

Dew is often a real problem on clear nights. After a short time, the optics fog up and observation or photography is impossible. A good dew cap reduces the risk of fogging and thus extends the observation time.
The spike mask is a simple and effective tool that can give images a dramatic and at the same time aesthetic effect. It is a good choice for anyone who wants to have the spikes typical of Newtonian telescopes in their astrophotographs without having to deal with image post-processing.

In addition to providing protection from dew, the Wega dew shield with spike mask also fulfills another important purpose: it keeps out interfering light coming from the side. Interfering light, for example from street lamps, reduces contrast and often causes unwanted reflections. The Wega dew cap is black and therefore also prevents indirect light from entering the lens. Stray light can therefore not penetrate the telescope.

Note: The mask fits intentionally very tight to prevent the mask from moving during photography. A loose-fitting, moving mask can lead to double spikes in the images.
Important: Always remove the mask from the lens before switching off the Seestar.

This dew cap fits the Seestar S50 from ZWO.
Suitable for:ZWO Seestar S50
Material:PETG with UV resistance
Production method:3D printing (FDM/FFF)
Dimensional stability:up to 80 °C
combined spike mask and dew cap for ZWO Seestar S50

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