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TS-Optics dew shield and stray light protection for Seestar S50 from ZWO
Dew is often a real problem on clear nights. After just a few hours, the optics start to fog up, making observation or photography impossible. A good dew shield reduces the risk of fogging and thus extends the observation time.

Lateral stray light is also kept out. Stray light, for example from street lamps, reduces contrast and often causes unwanted reflections in photographs. Dew shields are really black on the inside. Stray light cannot enter the telescope in the first place.

Important: Before shutting down the telescope, please remove the dew shield. Otherwise the telescope body or the gearboxes may be damaged.
Compatibility:ZWO SeeStar S50
Material:PETG, UV resistant
Manufacturing method:3D printing (FDM/FFF)
Dimensional stability:up to 80 °C
Dew shield

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