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TS-Optics Spike Mask for the Lens of the Seestar S50 from ZWO
Newtonian spikes are created by the interference of light rays passing through the aperture of the telescope and the spike mask. The mask consists of a series of thin, parallel lines that focus the light into these lines. When the light then hits the lens, a diffraction pattern is created which produces the spikes.

The Spike Mask is a simple and effective tool that can add a dramatic effect to images. It is a good choice for anyone who wants to have the Newtonian spikes in their astrophotographs without having to deal with image post-processing.

To use the Spike Mask, simply place the mask in front of the telescope objective and then move the telescope to a bright object such as the moon or a star cluster. The spikes should then be visible.

Here are some tips for using the Spike Mask:
Make sure that the mask is clean before you use it. Dirt or dust can impair the image quality.
Make sure that the mask is perfectly aligned. If the mask is not aligned, the spikes may be blurred or distorted.

With a little practice, you can take beautiful pictures with Newtonian spikes using the Spike Mask:
Attach the mask to the telescope and align it with the object to be photographed.
Get the classic spikes of a Newtonian telescope in live view.
The spikes will be more clearly visible on the images.

The Seestar spike mask in use

The picture was taken with the Seestar S50 and the Seestar spike mask. In the brighter stars, the so-called spikes become visible, which give the image a very special charm.

Compatibility:ZWO SeeStar S50
Material:PETG, UV resistant
Manufacturing method:3D printing (FDM/FFF)
Dimensional stability:up to 80 °C
Spike mask

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