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Askar Duo Narrowband Filter with 6 nm Bandwidth for Deep-Sky Astrophotography
For all astrophotographers, filters are one of the indispensable accessories to achieve perfect deep-sky images. Nebula filters for deep-sky photography can effectively eliminate the influence of background light and improve the contrasts of your photos. Askar´s 6 nm Deep Sky Duo Narrowband Filter Colour Magic is designed specifically for astrophotography with modern cameras and is suitable for telescopes and camera lenses.

The narrow bandwidth of 6 nm allows you to capture high-quality deep-sky images even in the presence of significant light pollution or even bright moonlight. The contrast is significantly improved. The filter can be used with b&w/mono and with color astro cameras, DSLR and mirrorless system cameras.

In addition, the Colour Magic 6-nm nebula filter offers very good halation control, which significantly reduces annoying halos and reflections around stars.

Highest efficiency with a color camera and only two filters

The Askar 6nm Duo narrowband filter (OIII & SII) is the ideal complement to the popular Duo narrowband filters with H-alpha and O-III passband. Instead of using a pure S-II filter, the Askar O-III-/S-II filter can be used to simultaneously capture O-III.

Thus, with one color camera and only two filters (Ha/O-III and S-II/O-III), RGB data and the three common emission lines can be acquired.
Type:Nebula filter
Size:2" mounted
Connection thread:M48x0.75
Filter cell:metal - low profile
FWHM:6 nm
CWL:500.7 nm, 672 nm
Filter glass thickness:1.85 mm
Filter in transport packaging

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