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CMOS Optimized Filters from Baader Planetarium
The completely redesigned CMOS-optimized filters from Baader work excellently with all CMOS cameras. The new ultra-sensitive CMOS sensors require special filters to get the most out of the images. These sensors are much more sensitive to reflections and halos. Baader has taken this trend into account with the new, CMOS-optimized filters. The filters are the new standard for astrophotography with CMOS sensors.

Baader L-RGB and RGB filter sets - the advantages
With RGB (Red/Green/Blue) filter sets you can create color images of deep sky objects with monochrome CMOS or CCD cameras. Due to the steep edges of the respective color filters and the high transmission, very high-contrast images are created, which make sophisticated astrophotography possible even from close to the city. With the interference color filters you provide intense colors and with the luminance filter you capture the details of the object. In the course of image processing, a colorful image of the object with high resolution is then created.
Increased contrast due to narrower FWHM;
Reflex blocker coatings for maximum insensitivity to reflections with correctors, reducers and similar auxiliary optics;
All filters have standard thicknesses for maximum possible parfocality - no need to refocus due to different filter thicknesses;
All filters have blackened edges with filter front side marking (black outer edge at the front side), thus additionally avoiding any reflection also at the filter edge;
Each filter is individually fine-optically polished and coated, with sealed coating edge. This prevents the penetration of moisture.
Life-Coat stands for an even harder and age-resistant coating, thus the fiter can withstand the most adverse conditions and offers full filter performance even after years;
Each filter comes in a stackable filter box for optimal storage and transport with individual labeling, so the filter change is also easier at night;

Filter type:Green filter
Filter size:50x50 mm unmounted
Filter thickness:3 mm
Baader green filter
Stackable plastic container

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