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TS-Optics Large aperture zoom spotting scope for low light conditions and large distance viewing
This powerful 100 mm aperture spotting scope can be used even under low light conditions. Even at the maximum magnification of 66x with the supplied zoom eyepiece, the image is still clear and bright.

The spotting scope is spray water proof, making it suitable for "real-life" outdoor use. Compared with an 80 mm spotting scope, the light gathering surface is 36% larger!

Fields of Use:
With 100 mm aperture, this spotting scope is made for demanding use in conditions where smaller spotting scopes will fail, especially for low light conditions (in forests, twilight, etc.). This makes the instrument ideal for demanding nature observing, birdwatching and hunting.

The spotting scope can also be used well in the astronomical field. Many faint nebulae and galaxies or star clusters are already well shown. Objects in the solar system already show first details. If you then go into the maximum magnification range with the fixed eyepieces, details such as the bands of Jupiter, the ring of Saturn or a myriad of moon craters and grooves can be perceived.

The spotting scope is very popular for long distance target shooting. Under good conditions, you can use it for up to 300 m shooting distance.

Properties and Features:
relaxed observing position. 45° angled view
stepless zoom from 22x to 66x magnification
robust design & spray water proof
comfortable focusing through a large focusing knob. The knob and the rear part of the spotting scope are rubber armoured for high comfort even at low temperatures.

Fixed Magnification Eyepieces for optimum image sharpness:
Interchangeable fixed magnification eyepieces offer a particularly high sharpness and a very bright image. They are interesting for all nature observers who really want to get the most out of the spotting scope. The eyepieces have been specially manufactured for TS spotting scopes and are also characterized by a pleasant viewing behaviour.

Attaching the eyepiece: The eyepieces are simply screwed onto the back of the spotting scope with a large knurled ring. This method prevents tilting and keeping the eyepiece properly aligned.

Available Magnifications: 21x (25 mm), 28x (19 mm), 36x (15 mm), 60x (9 mm), 90x (6 mm) and 108x (5 mm)

For further information please use the links in the "recommended accessories" section.

Digiscoping with the TS spotting scope
This spotting scope is also a powerful telephoto lens.

(D)SLR cameras can be attached directly to the zoom eyepiece using a T2 adapter ring - the necessary thread is hidden below the rubber eyeguard. For optimal field illumination, we recommend a 20 mm (APS-C format) or 40 mm (full frame format) T2 extension tube between eyepiece and T2 ring. The resulting focal length is 1000 respectively 1500 mm. This value can be further enhanced by turning the zoom eyepiece to higher magnification ratios.

For optimal image brightness, we recommend the optional eyepieces with 25 or 19 mm fixed focal length. All you need additionally is the "WOFotoadapter" and a T2 ring for your SLR camera model.

For compact digital cameras with fixed lens, we recommend the Baader Microstage.

The most important photographic accessories can be found in the "recommended accessories" section.

Practical Carrying Case:
The practical carrying case has carrying straps and can be left on when using the spotting scope. You only need to move it a few centimetres to the front. The case provides easy transportation, protection from the weather and from mechanical shocks.
Aperture:100 mm
Magnification:22x to 66x with the zoom eyepiece
Exit pupil diameter:4.5 mm to 1.5 mm with the zoom eyepiece
Eye relief:18 mm to 15 mm with the zoom eyepiece, Suitable for eyeglass wearers.
Field of view:32 m to 15 m at 1000 m (with the zoom eyepiece)
Coating:full broadband multicoating (FMC)
Prism:BaK4 prism
Objective focal length:540 mm
Objective type:achromatic doublet
Length:w/o eyepiece 48 cm, w/ eyepiece 52 cm
Weight:2 kg
Spotting scope 22-66 x 100 mm with eyepiece
Cleaning cloth
Carrying case

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