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Skywatcher AZ EQ6 EQ and Alt-AZ GoTo Mount - Telescopes to 20kg

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Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GEQ and Alt-AZ GoTo Mount - Telescopes to 20kg
... Dual GoTo Mount for ALT-AZ and parallactic mode - mount weight only 15kg
... Optical Encoders - you hold the control also if you move the mount without motors
... Special limited time offer !!!

AZ EQ6 EQ Mode EQ6 .. parallactic mode

Image shows the EQ6 in azimutal mode with 2 telescopes (telescopes are optional) - and aSynscan Tour graphical handset (optional)

The Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 is the perfect solutions for amateur astronomers who want the benefit of an azimutal AND a parallactic GoTo mount but without the disadvantages of them.

AZ EQ6 - azimutal modeEQ6 AZ mode


-- intelligent astronomic platform with dual AZIMUTAL and Parallactic GoTo control box
-- switch in seconds from parallactic to azimutal mode
-- stability like the EQ6 Synscan in the parallactic mode
-- better polar wedge, better counterweight bar
-- 26% lighter , than the original EQ6 mount (mount without tripod without counterweight ... only 15kg)
-- very stable mount for a second telescope on the end of the counterweight bar - also good for guiding scopes
-- optical encoders , the control box holds the control also, when you move the mont without motors

Advantages against a azimutal Goto fork mount:

-- better stability
-- more transportable (you can split the telescope to mount and optical tube)
-- more flexibility - you can decide, which telescope you want
-- more stability in parallactic mode - fork mounts reduces their stability when you use it with a wedge

Advantages against a simple parallactic mount:

-- you can decide, if you want to work in the more comfortable azimutal mode (no polar alignment ..) OR in the parallactic mode for astrophotography

Better Polar Wedge - you can move it without problems with mounted telescope !!

AZ EQ6 Polhöhenverstellung

Scope of delivery:

-- Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 Mount
-- GoTo Controller for azimutal and parallactic mode
-- Counterweight bar holder (25mm diameter) refractable
-- Steel tube field tripod
-- Counterweights (2x)
-- Manual
-- 12V cigarette lighter cable

AZ EQ6GT with two telescopes in azimutal mode:

AZ EQ6 with telescopes
The telescopes are not included

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