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Skywatcher AZ EQ6 EQ and Alt-AZ GoTo Mount - Telescopes to 20 kg

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Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GEQ and Alt-AZ GoTo Mount - Telescopes to 20 kg

... Dual GoTo Mount for ALT-AZ and equatorial mode - mount weight only 15 kg

... Optical Encoders - you hold the control also if you move the mount without motors

AZ EQ6 EQ Mode EQ6 .. equatorial mode

Image shows the EQ6 in azimutal mode with 2 telescopes (telescopes are optional) - and a Synscan Tour graphical handset (optional)

The Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 is the perfect solutions for amateur astronomers who want the benefit of an azimutal AND an equatorial GoTo mount but without the disadvantages of them.

AZ EQ6 - azimutal modeEQ6 AZ mode


-- intelligent astronomic platform with dual AZIMUTAL and equatorial GoTo control box
-- switch in seconds from parallactic to azimutal mode
-- stability like the EQ6 Synscan in the parallactic mode
-- better polar wedge, better counterweight shaft
-- 26% lighter, than the original EQ6 mount (mount without tripod without counterweight ... only 15 kg)
-- very stable mount for a second telescope on the end of the counterweight bar - also good for guiding scopes
-- the data base includes more than 42900 objects
-- optical encoders, the control box holds the control also when you move the mont without motors

Advantages against a azimutal Goto fork mount:

-- better stability
-- more transportable (you can split the telescope to mount and optical tube)
-- more flexibility - you can decide which telescope you want
-- more stability in equatorial mode - fork mounts reduces their stability when you use it with a wedge

Advantages against a simple parallactic mount:

-- you can decide if you want to work in the more comfortable azimutal mode (no polar alignment ..) OR in the equatorial mode for astrophotography

Better Polar Wedge - you can move it without problems with mounted telescope!

AZ EQ6 Polhöhenverstellung

Scope of delivery:

-- Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 Mount
-- GoTo Controller for azimutal and equatorial mode
-- Counterweight shaft (25 mm diameter) retractable
-- Polar finder
-- Steel tube field tripod
-- Counterweights (2x)
-- Manual
-- 12V cigarette lighter cable

AZ EQ6GT with two telescopes in azimutal mode:

AZ EQ6 with telescopes
The telescopes are not included

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Transport & Covers:
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Power Supply:
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Power supply 13.8 V - 5/7 A max. - stabilized, for high loads

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Skywatcher Replacement Part - 12V Power Cable for AZ-EQ6 Mount

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90° comfortable View for your Polar Finder


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