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Skywatcher Mercury-707 SynScan AZ GoTo Refractor Telescope

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Skywatcher Mercury-707 SynScan AZ GoTo Refractor Telescope

This completely equipped GoTo refractor is a very beautiful beginner´s telescope for successful observation of moon, planets and distant nebulae and galaxies.

♦ Powerful GoTo mount with 42,900 objects in the data base and built-in tracking

♦ Good achromatic objective with 70 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length - focal ratio f/10

♦ Complete equipment for four different magnifications, star diagonal and high-quality red dot finder

♦ Height-adjustable aluminium tripod for field operation

♦ Including direct photo connection for DSLR cameras (T2-thread)

♦ Also well suited for viewing the countryside

♦ Well structured manual

♦ The image shows the telescope with an optical finder, but it comes with a more appropriate red dot finder.


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