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TS-Optics Photoline 150 mm f/7 FPL53 Triplet - Starlight 3.5" Feather Touch

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TS-Optics Photoline 150 mm f/7 FPL53 Triplet - Starlight 3.5" Feather Touch

High-End APO refractor with image free from chromatic aberration and best mechanics for demanding observation and astrophotography.

♦ Aperture 150 mm / focal length 1050 mm / focal ratio f/7

♦ Triplet lens with FPL53 APO element (Ohara Japan) in adjustable cell for perfect image even in the highest magnification range, free from chromatic aberration. The image is at LZOS level.

♦ Internal baffle system and very good internal blackening for optimal contrast.

♦ Best focuser in its class - 3.5" Starlight Feather Touch FTF3545 with 3" receptacle, 2" receptacle and thread adapter for threaded adaptions.

♦ Every apochromat is checked on the optical bench by Teleskop-Service and is shipped with star test and Ronchi test.

♦ A high-quality transport case is included in the scope of delivery. The case also offers space for accessories.


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