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Baader 1.25" Solar Continuum contrast filter - doublestack

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Baader 1.25

1.25" Solar Continuum Filter - double stacked version for even more contrasty observation and photography of the sun
# 2458392

The double stacked Solar Continuum filter consists of two 1.25" filters which are slightly tilted against each other. They are held in a special cell. Filter substrate thickness: 2 mm (each filter glass)

The following description is for the standard single Solar Continuum filter. The only difference ist that the double stacked version has a more narrow transmission curve and it gives a slightly darker picture.

The Baader Solar Continuum Filter lets pass a small part of the solar spectrom around 540nm. In this wavelength, the flares, granules and other structures have the highest contrast.

Die image of the sun appears in deep green - with extreme contrast.

Please ONLY use the filter with the visual solar foil for visual using!

The effect of the Baader Solar Continuum Filter:

- The contrast of the solar surface is highly increased. Especially structures like flares on the solar limb, granulation and fine structures at the rim of sun spots become more clearly visible.

- The chromatic abberation of achromatic and ED objectives is completely blinded out. The image becomes sharp and clear as known from an apochromatic objective.

- The Baader Solar Continuum is not a simple green filter, it is a specialist for the sun. It has its maximum transmission exactly there where the solar structures offer their maximum contrast.

- The narrow band filter reduces the seeing's influence on the image quality. Fine details become more steady.

The transmission curve:
Baader Solar Continuum filter transmission curve

With the narrow-band transmission curve, even fast Fraunhofer systems (e.g. f/5) can be used with success for the solar observation!

A photographic result with the Solar Continuum:
Sun foto through Baader Solar Continuum filter
This picture has been made at 1200 mm focal length with a ZWO ASI290MM camera, at relatively bad seeing conditions. The small transmission curve of the Solar Continuum filter reduces the seeing's influence and increases contrast. Instruments: Synta 150/1200mm FH refractor / Herschel wedge / Solar Continuum filter.

Practical tip by Teleskop-Service:

With 150mm apterture and bigger, the Solar Continuum can be combined with the visual filter foil for visual purposes. With smaller apertures, the image becomes too dark. Here, we recommend the combination with the photographic filter foil and a moderate neutral density filter with 12.5% transmission and an UV/IR cut filter.

Scope of Delivery:

-- 1,25" Solar Continuum filter - stacked
-- 200x290mm AstroSolar Photo foil - photographic with ND 3,8

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