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Baader H-alpha 7nm CCD Narrowband Filter - 1.25" filter thread

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Baader H-alpha 7nm CCD Narrowband Filter - 1.25" filter thread

Narrowband H-Alpha nebula filter with 7 nm band width for astrophotography.

♦ H-alpha CCD narrow band filter for extremly contrasty images

♦ FWHM 7 nm for contrasty astro images, even from locations close to towns

♦ 1.25" filter thread for use with matching barrels and filter wheels

♦ Ideal for combining with O-III and S-II filters for false color images

♦ The 7 nm H-alpha filter is meant for photographic use

♦ Comes in high-quality stackable plastic system box

♦ Reflection free coated and plane-optically polished

♦ Each filter is individually hard coated for optimal sealing even at the edge. Baader filter do not age.


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