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<br />Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 15.05.2021 (68 days)

Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 15.05.2021 (68 days)

TS-Optics REFRAKTOR 1.0x Flattener Gen 2 for APO - Großformat - M92 Anschluss

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TS-Optics REFRAKTOR 1.0x Flattener Gen 2 for APO - Großformat - M92 Anschluss

The flattener flattens the field of view of refractors for astrophotography and provides perfect imaging even with large sensors.

♦ Connection telescope side: M92x1 male thread

♦ Connection camera side: M78x1 female, M54x0.75 female and M48x0.75 male

♦ Working distance from the M48x0.75 male thread to the sensor is 55 mm for telescopes with a focal length of 900 mm or longer

♦ The M48 adapter offers a screw-in thread for 2" filters (M48x0.75 female thread)

♦ Excellent field correction and illumination up to a diameter of 60 mm (without M48 adapter)

♦ Multi-coating and anti-reflective coating against reflections and halos around stars

♦ The focal length of the refractor is not changed

♦ Suitable for all refractors with large focusers from 2.5" - connection adapters are optionally available

♦ The corrector requires a backfocus of at least 145 mm from the screw-on thread


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