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TS-Optics CF-APO 155 mm f/8 Deluxe Triplet Refractor - with test certificate

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TS-Optics CF-APO 155 mm f/8 Deluxe Triplet Refractor - with test certificate

The largest apochromatic refractor from TS is the optimal telescope for astrophotography and demanding amateur astronomy

♦ Aperture 155 mm / focal length 1240 mm / focal ratio f/8

♦ First-class chromatic correction with FPL55 triplet lens (comparable to FPL53)

♦ Multi-coating on every glass-air surface

♦ Inside baffles

♦ 3.7" RAP deluxe focuser - ball bearing mounted - with M63x1 and M92x1 connection thread for correctors

♦ Working distance of 140 mm can be extended to 240 mm, without rebuilding

♦ Dual speed and 360° rotation are available

♦ Retractable dew shield

♦ The Apo weighs only 13 kg - can be carried by a mount of the EQ6 class

♦ Each TS 155 mm CF-Apo is supplied with serial number and certificate

♦ Delivery in a high-quality transport case


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