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296,64 EUR*

Losmandy RA Extension Kit for G11
301,68 EUR*

Losmandy Polar Scope PS for GM 8, G-9 and G-11 Mounts
96,55 EUR*

Losmandy LED Polar Scope Illuminator with built in Battery
100,84 EUR*

Losmandy HD tripod feet
35,29 EUR*

Losmandy Tripod Knob Set for mounting Equatorial Heads
62,18 EUR*

Losmandy leg lever clamp set
33,60 EUR*

Losmandy AKS - Knob Set for G-11 mount - 2 knobs
104,20 EUR*

Losmandy WORM - High Precision for G-11 Mount
13,45 EUR*

Losmandy Clutch Knob Spring Washer for G11, GM8 - set of 2
20,92 EUR*

Losmandy CP11 Clutch Pads for G11 - set of 2
13,45 EUR*

Losmandy CWSS Counterweight Shaft Safety Screw and Washer
40,34 EUR*

Losmandy RACKC R.A. Clutch Knob Cap
27,73 EUR*

Losmandy clutch knob spacer set
83,19 EUR*

Losmandy clutch knob thrust bearing
147,06 EUR*

Losmandy DC 9.25 N dovetail bar for Celestron C9.25 and EHD-925
124,37 EUR*

Losmandy R.A. and Dec setting circle set, for G11
82,35 EUR*

Losmandy R.A. and Dec setting circle set, for GM8
193,24 EUR*

Losmandy worm block for G11
182,35 EUR*

Losmandy worm block for GM8
125,21 EUR*

Losmandy Deluxe Clutch knob set for GM8 and G11 mounts

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