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Affordable travel apo refractor for astrophotography and observation with very good optics
The 2-element objective convinces with a very good color correction through the use of FPL53 and lanthanum glas. The color correction is comparable to an FPL53 triplet. Even at high magnification, no disturbing color error will be visible.

The 0.8x image field corrector, which we offer in this astrophoto bundle, has been developed for 2-element objectives with 80 mm and offers very good correction and illumination up to APS-C format. The corrector is simply inserted into the 2" receptacle. The special shape of the receptacle on the corrector prevents tilting, the stars will be point-shaped also in the corners.

Astrophotography with the apo
This package offers an inexpensive solution for mobile photographic use. No compromises were made in the quality of the lens and the mechanics. The image can certainly compete with significantly more expensive apos. The corrector is optimized for cameras with sensors up to APS-C or smaller. Very good results are therefore possible. A good 1.0x flattener, which even allows use up to full frame, is linked in the "accessories" section. So the telescope can grow with your requirements.

Astrophotographic results obtained with this telescope on Astrobin
Here you can find some astrophotographs made with this telescope model: Link to Astrobin

Best mechanics guarantee an excellent image during photographic use
Good optics only work if the mechanics are also right. This apo fulfills these criteria.
Ball-bearing mounted 2.5" focuser with rack & pinion drive. The bearing is decoupled from the adjustment of the draw tube.
Oversized focuser tube with 60 mm clear aperture for full illumination even with full-frame sensors.
1:10 dual speed for ultra-precise focusing
High-quality CNC tube with internal baffles and very good internal blackening - no disturbing stray light
Female M63x1 thread allows stable screwed adaptations for astrophotography
The dew shield can be retracted - the transport length is then only 46 centimeters
High-quality CNC rings and GP-style dovetail bar with photo tripod connection

The visual use - spotting scope and astronomical telescope

Although the apo is optimized for astrophotography, it can also be used very well visually. Simply unscrew the corrector and insert the 2" receptacle. Now you can observe through the telescope with 1.25" or 2" diagonals or Amici prisms and magnify up to about 200x with very high contrast.

Technical Information
Teleskop-Service has collected a lot of helpful information about refractors and provided it in English as a PDF file: refractors.pdf
Aperture:80 mm
Focal length of the objective:560 mm
Lens design:2-element apochromat
Special glasses:FPL53 and lanthanum glass
Corrector:0.8x 2-element corrector
Focal ratio with photo corrector:f/5.6
Camera connection thread on the corrector:T2 - M42x0.75
Working distance:55 mm from the T2 thread
Tube material:aluminum
Tube weight:3.10 kg
Tube length:460 mm
Tube diameter:89 mm
Outer diameter of dew shield:103.6 mm
Focuser:2.5" RAP focuser
Eyepiece side connections:M63x1 female thread, 2" and 1.25"
80 mm f/7 apo
CNC rings
GP style dovetail bar
Finder shoe
Dust caps
0.8x astrophoto corrector with dust caps

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