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TS FQTL Aluminum Tripod with Fluid Tilt Head
This premium photo tripod convinces with very good features for the observer and photographer. With a weight of only 3.4 kg and a transport length of 75 cm, the tripod is easy to transport. The bag offers space for the tripod with mounted tilt head. Therefore, the set-up takes only a few seconds. Once set up, the FQTL photo tripod from TS-Optics offers many possibilities.

The FQTL photo tripod is particularly rigid.
The tripod legs are attached to the holder on wide legs. Even when fully extended, the tripod remains stiff. The wide legs result in the good ratio between weight and carrying force, which is reminiscent of carbon tripods, which are significantly more expensive.

The fluid tilt head offers many advantages
This tilt head is superior to conventional tilt heads. Due to the fluid damping, there are no jerky movements. Even heavy instruments with high magnifications can be adjusted sensitively and the object can be positioned well in the center of the image field.

Another advantage is during sky observation. The further up the telescope points, the higher the resistance becomes. This reduces the imbalance caused by the telescope or telephoto lens and makes it easier to operate. The position of the positioning handle is freely adjustable.

Of course, the tilt head can be clamped completely, then nothing will be changed.

Perfect for soft ground, but also for asphalt and carpet:
The legs of the FQTL photo tripod have a carpet protector for use on smooth surfaces such as asphalt or the balcony. The pad can be screwed in, then a spike appears, which is ideal for soft ground.

Level the tilt head without adjusting the tripod legs
Especially for horizon panning, the tilt head should be exactly level. The FQTL saves you the tedious procedure using the tripod legs. Simply loosen the knurled screw under the tilt head and you can adjust the head perfectly horizontally, without leg adjustment. This allows you to compensate for up to 10° of deviation. A spirit level on the tilt head tells you when the tilt head is exactly level.

Watch while sitting or standing
The FQTL is variably adjustable in height via two segments. This allows you to continuously adjust working heights between 86 centimeters and 198 centimeters. This flexibility enables relaxed photography or observation.
Weight:3.4 kg
Working height:86 - 150 cm
Connection on the instrument side:1/4" photo thread - external thread via quick coupling
1x Schnellkupplung

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