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Baader filter film for solar oberving enjoy great popularity - worldwide

In opposite to many glass solar filters, Baader AstroSolar Safety Film fullfills highest requirements for image quality and safety. Now Baader also offers professional cells which hold the film without tension, ensuring high image quality and best safety.

ASTF - AstroSolar Telescope Filters - High-End Solar Filters:

Solar filters for telescopes come in a temperature-compensated cell. The film is mounted in a way which rules out any danger of breaking or tearing. Within a temperature range from -30 °C to +50 °C, the image quality is perfectly kept. Even after extremely fast temperature changes, like from a warm room into cold winter air, the ASTF solar filter is directly ready for use.

All Baader Solar Filter sets contain:
original Baader AstroSolar® Safety Film (OD 5.0), mounted and quality checked by experienced members of our company.
pure white, IR-reflecting aluminum front ring with stiffened inner and outer rims, shaped to protect the filter material against contact with sharp metal edges
three centering pins with brass inlays are used for centering the filter cell at the front of telescope. These pins have three different diameters, depending upon the filter category (ASTF / ASSF / ASBF). Every pin has a corrugated rubber coating which makes sliding onto the telescope tube easy, but prevents from unintended slipping back.
the pins can be fixed without tool and allow engagement on a multitude of tube diameters. The pins fit as well to the outer side of the tube as on the inner one (if possible at all).
sliding aluminium blocks hold the pins. The blocks don´t turn and have a milled index pointing to a printed scale.
inserted cross-head srews allow additional tightening of the pins with a screwdriver
for fast and reproducible centering of the filter to different tubes, there is a scale next to every adjustment hole
shiftable black closing plates cover the adjustment holes and prevents unfiltered light from falling into the optics
three rubber plugs are used for closing unused adjustment holes
three safety belts with velcro and self-adhesive counterparts are used to fix the position of the filter in front of the telescope
the front side of every filer contains the warning sign: "Read the Instructions before use"
robust shipping cardboard box

Baader offers a very good manual, the PDF can be downloaded here.
Clear aperture of the sun filter:3.15" (80 mm)
Outer clamping range:4" to 5.5" (100 mm to 140 mm)
Inner clamping range:5.1" to 6.7" (130 mm to 170 mm)
Filter film:Baader AstroSolar Safety Film ND5.0
Cell:aluminium cell with two stud sets (0.39"/10 mm and 0.79"/20 mm diameter)
Baader AstroSolar solar filter in cell
2 sets centering pins, rubber coated (diameter 10 mm / 20 mm), with mounting material
3 velcro safety belts
User manual (in German language)
Robust cardboard box

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Written by Ingmar Will
on 2019-09-29

"Das Teil habe ich bisher an meinem 95er Swarovski ATX benutzt. Es müsste auch an meinem 81er ED-Apo funktionieren, das teste ich noch. Auf jeden Fall funktioniert der Sonnenfilter sehr gut. Sonnenflecken kann man damit sehr gut beobachten. "

Written by Goran Klepic
on 2016-02-09


Written by Yue Chui
on 2016-02-03

"This is a very beautifully made solar filter worth more than its price. Initially I felt it was overpriced compared to the competition, after I saw the product I thought it could have charged even more and still worth it. The solar image quality is excellent and obviously very contrasting, which was already apparent when I hand held a DSLR camera behind the solar filter to take a quick image of the Sun. There is no doubt it will allow the full capability of my Televue eyepieces and other imaging capacities to be realised."