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Vixen Coma Corrector PH for f/4 Newtonian Telescopes
Vixen has designed this high quality coma corrector for the R200SS. The corrector is intended for use with CMOS cameras and DSLR cameras with high resolution and larger sensors. Of course, the corrector can also be used on other f/4 Newtonians with individual adaption. We offer suitable adapters, for example for eyepiece focusers with M82x1 female thread.

The Newtonian coma is excellently corrected by the 3-element design, significantly better than is possible with the simpler 2-lens correctors. The corrector delivers very good correction performance over the entire usable field of 44 mm diameter. So you can use full-frame sensors.

The Vixen PH Wynne corrector has a shortening factor of 0.956x. For example, the focal length of the R200SS is reduced to 760 mm and the focal ratio is improved from f/4 to f/3.8. The high-quality anti-reflective multi-coating also guarantees high contrast without reflections and ghosting.

The large, 50 mm diameter lenses guarantee excellent illumination. However, the corrector no longer fits into 2" focusers. For individual adaptations, at least a 2.5" Newtonian focuser must be used.

The connection of the camera to any f/4 Newtonians
The focuser must provide at least 60 mm clear aperture. With the M82-M56-M48 adapter, for example, you can connect the corrector to all focusers with the M82x1 female thread. The working distance from the M48x0.75 thread on the camera side is 55 mm. The camera adaptation is simple.

The adaptation of the camera to the R200SS - adaptation via the M56x0.75 connection thread (male):
You can directly use the T2 adapter that is included with your R200SS. The corrector can be screwed into the female thread of the adapter. There is 55 mm working distance from the T2 thread to the optimal position of the sensor. Ideal for the combination of T2 ring and DSLR camera. CCD cameras, for example from Atik or Moravian, can also be adapted so well.
If you want to use a DSLR camera with full-frame sensor, we recommend the VI3878 Wide-Photo adapter (see accessory recommendations). This adapter does not go over the T2 thread. You can attach the bayonet adapter directly to the adapter´s ring dovetail. This improves the illumination.

Focal length reduction factor:0.95x
Focal ratio with the corrector on f/4 Newtonians:f/3.8
Connection thread on camera side:M56x0.75 male thread
Working distance from body end:56.5 mm
Filter thread:M52 filter thread on telescope side
Vixen PH Coma Corrector

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