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Off Axis Guider - only 9mm length - with T2 adaptation - Special Offer

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TS Optics - ultra short 9mm Off Axis Guider with T-thread on the camera side
... no vignettung by the prism
... short design; suitable also for Newtonians with corrector
... versatile: the T2 adapter can be replaced by a Canon EOS or M48 adapter

TS 9mm Off Axis Guider für Astrofotografie

The short 9mm Off Axis Guider is a development by Teleskop Service. It can be used with nearly any telescope and replaces the guiding scope. Guiding becomes more precise and the mount has less stress due to less load.

Advantages of the Teleskop Service 9mm Off Axis Guider:

-- very stiff - even heavier cameras are supported.
-- short design and versatile adaptation options
-- best field illumination in its class; even 35mm sensors can be used.
-- easy focusing of the auto guider by shifting the adapter independently from the main camera

Short design:

TSOAG9 Seitenansicht

The TS OAG9 is the shortest Off Axis Guider in its class and very stiff. It is especially suitable for use between coma correctors and camera.

Telescope side adaptation:

TSOAG9 Teleskop Adaption

This OAG has a short 2" nosepiece with M48 thread. This offers many adaptation options:

T2: (e.g. coma correctors with T-thread) TST2-M48L Info

M48 / 2" filter thread: This guider already has this thread. Because of the short design, it might be necessary to use spacer rings in order to prevent the M48 thread touching the guiding prism. Info

2" Nosepiece: 30mm long nosepiece Info

65mm TeleVue thread: direct + screwed connection to the 2.4" TeleVue system, e.g. the Paracorr or the APO flattener/reducer Info

Weitere Adapter finden Sie unter unseren Zubehörempfehlungen - wir beraten Sie gerne.

Attaching guiding cam or cross hair eyepiece:

TS OAG9 mit Autoguiding Kamera
Connection is done via the T2 thread. We also offer adaptations to T2 and C-mount:
-- TST2-1-T2s Info
-- T2-Cs Info

Technical details:

-- Length to the 2" terminal: 9mm
-- Length to the M48x0.75 thread for screwed adaptations: 11.2mm
-- Telescope side connection: 2" and M48x0.75
-- Camera side connection: T2 - M42x0.75 - (EOS, M42x1 and M48 adapters optional)
-- Guiding terminal: T2 (M42x075) - 1.25" adapter optional
-- Free aperture: D=45mm
-- Distance from prism center to sideward T2 terminal: 26mm ... 38mm
-- Distance from prism center to OAG front side: 6.7mm
-- Distance from prism center to camera terminal: 4.5mm

Scope of delivery:

-- TS Optics 9mm Off Axis Guider
-- T2 camera adapter

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General Accessories:
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Vixen adaptation to M48 for VMC & ED reducer - for TSOAG9

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Tele Vue Adapter 2.4" to M48 for TeleVue

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TS Adapter SC female thread to M48 male thread - lengh 10mm

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TS 1.5mm Stainless Steel Fine Tuning Ring for M48 filterthread

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TS 1.0mm Stainless Steel Fine Tuning Ring for M48 filterthread

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TS 30mm Extension Tube 2" Filterthread AND Adapter from 2" auf M48

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TS Adaptor from M48 (2" filter thread) to T2 - low profile

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Spare prism for TS Off Axis Guider TSOAG9, TSOAGM68 and TSG-OAG

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Prism tower with prism for TS Off Axis Guider and own designs

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Visual Back T2 to 1.25" - with additional T2 male thread - short

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Adaptor T2 female on C-Mount male - only 4mm length

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Adapter ring for EOS bayonet at camera end for the TS OAG 9

Alternatives to this product - Suggestions from TS:
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Adapter to M42 thread at camera end for the TS OAG 9

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Adapter to M48 thred at camera end of the TS OAG 9

upUser reports

Instruction for focusing the guiding cam or cross hair eyepiece

Fokuseinstellung TSOAG9

First, the main camera has to be focused. A coarse determination of the focus levels with a ruler is useful; the distances are always measured from the prism. This can also be done while daytime.

Then, the guiding eyepiece or -camera is attached and focused by sliding the T2 adapter in- or outward. The telescope's focuser may not be touched whithin this process.

Adjusting the prism optimal to the camera sensor

TS OAG9 Einstellung des Prismas

The optimal position of the prism is close outside the camera sensor's field of view. Then, you have no vignetting. From this point outward, the prism can be slided freely in order to find a suitable guiding star.

Many modern guiding cameras are sensitive enough to find always a guiding star.

Feedbacks of customers:

Hi,   I received my off-axis guider plus accesories I ordered.  Perfect packaging and fast shippment, but the best part is the quality of your product, fit and finish.  I am very pleased with my off axis guider.  I will do bussines with you again.   Thank you! .... Spain 23th July 2013


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