Delivery time expected 1 - 3 w
Delivery time expected 1 - 3 w
Euro EMC Solar Filter for 83-114mm tube diameter - Baader astro solar foil

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Euro EMC Solar Filters for 83-114mm tube diameter
... with the well-proven Baader Solar Filter foil
... very save - filtercell made in Germany
Free aperture: 76 mm

EuroEMC Solar Filter

Advantages of the Euro EMC Solar Filters:

-- The BAADER filter foil is clamped plan between two aluminium rings
-- For visual and photographic using
-- Variable adjustable camping on the tube
-- Delivery including filter foil type Astro Solar (Baader Planetarium)
-- Made for all telescope types including viewfinder and binoculars except Schiefspieglers

Solar Filter for telescopes

The scure fixation of the solar filter on the front end of tube or dewcap will be done with 4 threaded columns made from Polyamid with precisely adjustable clamping. The standard sizes will normally be attached outside on the dewcap, but you can also attach iit inside with a minimum of vignetting.

The BAADER filter foil has an excellent optical quality and is easily to change if damaged.

Euro EMC Solar Filters for Binos

The standard sizes 1 and 2 are cutted to enable the using with binoculars (you need 2 pieces). The objective distance than had to be minimum 65 mm or 78 mm.

Delivering will be done in parts and with the standard filter foil with a density of ND5 for visual and photographic use. Alternative you can get for the same price a version with the density of ND3.8 for photographic use only!

EuroEMC SolarFilter

The solar filter will be mounted without any seal on the front side plan to the tube or dewcap. Contrary to possible concerns with this construction you won´t have any scattered light. The contrast only will be weakened if intentionally a gap of minimum 4 mm will be done!

Scope of delivery:

Filter Frame
3 Mounting Pins
Baader Filter Foil


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