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Geoptik Nadirus 16 inch Truss Dobosnian Telescope KIT

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Geoptik Nadirus 16 inch Truss Dobosnian Telescope KIT

Geoptik Nadirus 16 inch Dobsonian Assembly Kit - The Kit does not include the primary mirror, secondary mirror, focuser and finderscope.

Following informations are for the complete dobsonian telescopes with optic. The kit is perfect for the GSO 16" f/4,5 mirror.

♦ Aperture 16-inch (405 mm) - f/4.5

♦ Quality main mirror with correction of more than 1/4 Lambda.

♦ Every part of this dobson has been designed and engineered in Italy.

♦ The Dobsonian is made like a self made telescope but with professional tools and help


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