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TS-Optics T2 Parfocal Adapter for autoguiders to Skywatcher 9x50 finder scopes

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TS-Optics T2 Parfocal Adapter for autoguiders to Skywatcher 9x50 finder scopes

Short adapter to T2 for Sky-Watcher 50 mm finders - turns the finder into a super compact guide scope for astrophotography with autoguiders.

♦ Easy adaption - the eyepiece is unscrewed and the T2 adapter in screwed in

♦ With this, thefinder gets a short T2 connector

♦ Perfectly suitable for the Lacerta M-Gen autoguider and also all other autoguiders with less than 10 mm distance between T2-thread and sensor.

♦ the adapter fits to all straight 9x50 finders from Skywatcher and Orion USA, to the TS 9x50 finder TSSU950il and to Celestron 50 mm finders

♦ This adapter does not fit TS-Optics 8x50 finder. For these finder we offer the Adapter ParFoc50.

♦ Images at left: T2 adapter mounted to a 9x50 finder and M-Gen autoguider readily attached to a 50 mm finder (finder and M-Gen are not included)


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