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TS-Optics Piggyback Cameraholder for D=20mm Counterweight Shaft

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TS Piggyback Cameraholder for D=20mm or D=18mm Counterweight Shaft
... attach a camera or a compact guiding scope to the counterweight shaft of your astronomical mount.
... holds accessories up to 6kg weight

TS Optics Piggyback Camera Holder for Counterweight Bar

With the Tele Pack you can attach a camera or even a compact telescope to the counterweight shaft of your astronomical mount. This reduces the overall weight because it allows you to use less counterweights. The TelePack will fixed with 2x M6 screws to the shaft.

The TelePack1 fits following mounts:

... each mount with 18mm or 20mm counterweight bar holder like:

-- Skywatcher EQ3, EQ4, EQ5, HEQ5, EQ6
-- Celestron Advanced VX, Advanced GT, CG4, CGEM
-- Meade Bresser Mon1, Mon2 and similar ....

The TelePack Motto:

The TelePack is a highly optimized adaptation that allows you to attach accessories like cameras to the counterweight shaft of your mount. This reduces the overall load for the mount. Stability is limited only by the stability of the counterweight shaft itself.

TS Piggyback Camera Holder for counterweight bar

Standard Saddle Plate:

Accessories are attached to the Tele Pack through a standard Vixen-style saddle plate (included). The saddle plate accepts almost all Vixen-style dovetail plates that fit on one of the below mentioned mounts. Attaching the accessory or removing it again takes only a few seconds.

We also offer dovetail plates with camera tripod thread for the adaptation of cameras, spotting scopes and similar. You can find suitable plates under "recommended accessories".


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