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Product number: TSL125

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TS adjustable tube rings for astrophotography
Set of 2 guide scope rings of classy workmanship for guide scopes between 70 mm and 120 mm tube diameter. The guide scope rings from TS Optics allow a reliable and above all stable adaption of telescopes parallel to the main instrument.

Most common use is astrophotography. With the knurled thumb screws, the guide scope is adjustable and you can centre a sufficiently bright star in the eyepiece or the the autoguider.

But the tube rings are suitable for bigger finder scopes, too.

The adaption of the tube rings to the telescope
The rings have two female M6 threads in a distance of 38 mm. Therefore, the rings fit directly to the TSFDA or TSPKM dovetail clamps. (see image at left)

You can also attach the rings to flat support surfaces like dovetail bars, and get a short adaption to your telescope.

If the tube rings of the main telescope have flat surfaces at the upper side which are wider than 40 mm. you can attach the guide scope rings directly.

Material of the rings:completely metal, except the teflon tips of the screws
Inner diameter:127 mm
Outer diameter:145 mm
Width:19 mm
Usable for:telescopes between 70 mm and 120 mm diameter
Adaption:Flat surface with 50 mm width
Threads:2x M6 threads, female
Distance o the threads:38 mm betweeen each other or 19 mm starting from the middle
Set of 2x TS Guide Scope Rings with adjustment screws

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