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Baader Solar Filter for telescopes from D= 12" - custom-made

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Mounted Baader filter foil Solar filter with Baader foil in high-qualtiy metal cell for telescopes bigger than 300mm (12") diameter - customized make

Quality and safety: each solar filter is individually made for your telescope thus guaranteeing perfect fit.

Image quality: These solar filters use the reknown Baader filter foil. It offers best optical performance and is superior to typical cheap glass filters.
More information about the Baader filter
Photography or visual observation? With your order, you can decide whether you want the filter with visual (ND 5) or photographical (ND 3.8) version. The latter one has 16x more transmission and allows short exposure times. When you want to use this version for visual purposes, a strong neutral density and UV/IR cut filter is necessary.

The visual foil is ready for observation and can be used without any additional filters. Like the photo foil, the sun appears in a neutral tone without colour shift. This foil can also be used with modern digital cameras.

Your order:
please transmit the following information in the "comments" field:

-- type of foil (photographic / visual)
-- outer diameter of your telescope where the filter has to be mounted
-- optical apterture of your telescope
-- full aperture or off axis filter? Concerning seeing influence, a smaller off-axis-aperture can be better (especially for big apertures)

Of course you can alternatively order directly by email:

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