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Product expected to be available from 01.12.2024

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Explore Scientific Stray Light Shield for 10" + 12" Ultra Light Dobson
Keep stray light and unwanted reflections away from your 10" and 12" Truss Tube Dobsonian telescope. By darkening the light path between the secondary and primary mirrors, image contrast and object brightness are greatly increased and you can easily see more detail. Made from opaque black nylon with excellent flexibility, each end of our lens shade has an elastic strap to allow easy fitting and keep the lens shade in place. Breathable nylon allows air to circulate, keeping your optics clear, and it prevents air turbulence and bad tubing caused by the observer´s breath. A must-have for any suburban astronomer where stray light is a nuisance.

Reduces stray light and unwanted reflections
Image contrast and object brightness are increased
Keeps dust out and reduces tube lens flare
Made of opaque black nylon
Fits 10" and 12" Truss tube Dobsonians

Net weight:250 g
1 x Stray Light Protector 10"/12"