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TS Thread Wrench for M48 thread
Pretty much every astrophotographer faces this dilemma sooner or later. You put together various adapters and spacers, grease the threads conscientiously, and after a clear night outdoors, the threads are so tightly clamped that it is impossible to loosen them by hand.

Some people have already resorted to using pipe wrenches to force the adapters open. Of course, this is not a good idea as it often damages the threads.

For this reason, special thread wrenches were designed using a 3D printer and high-quality plastic. This plastic is robust enough not to break, but at the same time soft enough not to damage the fine threads of the sleeves and adapters.

Thanks to a high "infill" rate, these thread looseners can also withstand higher forces.

The thread wrenches are available in different sizes, each suitable for threads according to the following table. Please select the appropriate size when ordering:

T2 (Item SPLIT-T2): 39 - 45 mm
M48 (Item SPLIT-M48): 45 - 52 mm
Tool type:Thread wrench
Nominal size:Adapters with M48 thread
Diameter range:45 - 52 mm
Material:Filled plastic, 3D printed
Thread wrench

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