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TS-Optics Primary Mirror Baffle, fitting Skywatcher Newtonian 130PDS
A great upgrade for your Newtonian telescope

Surely you have noticed that your images have a "halo" around the stars in longer exposures. The baffle ring prevents or significantly reduces the "bloating" of stars in deep sky shots.

The installation on the Newtonian is very easy. Not even the primary mirror has to be removed from the mirror cell. Just remove the primary mirror from the tube and fix the ring at the provided holes with the existing screws. You only have to open the screws, put the ring in between and screw everything back on.

The ring will also fit many other Newtonians with the same diameter. If you have any questions about this, just write to us.

The baffle ring is printed from PLA. Never use solar filters in combination with the baffle ring in your Newtonian! Too much heat inside the tube can, in the worst case, cause the paffle ring to heat up too much and cause damage to your primary mirror.
Designed for telescope:Skywatcher Newtonian 130PDS
Manufacturing method:3D printing (FDM/FFF)
Material:Special PLA with better UV resistance.
Dimensional stability:up to 110 °C
Baffle ring

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Written by Robert Ferreira
on 2022-07-07

"Quality products and very fast shipping,I will continue to buy my Astro gear from TS."