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Lunatico Astronomia Dragonfly
Dragonfly, the new device from Lunático to remotely control your observatory, even from your mobile device! switch on and off lights and equipment.
switch on and off lights and equipment
open and close the observatory roof
control 8 relays (4 of them double NO/NC, and 4 NO)
monitor the AAG Cloudwatcher and check for safe or unsafe weather conditions
monitor, using magnet or mechanical sensors the mount´s position, the status of the roof...
free smartphone app more infos
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Internal CPU Atmel:AT91SAM7x256
Manages 8 relays:(4 of them double NO/NC, and 4 NO), to switch DC or AC
8 input sensors:magnet, contact, etc - overload protected with resettable fuses
Extremely protected:against noise
Direct network connection:(ethernet)
Power requirements:12V (up to 24V is ok), D.C., less than 1A required, standard 5.5 / 2.1mm jack, inner positive.
Size:135 * 48 * 244 mm. box only (total mounted 157 * 57 * 244 mm.)
Lunatico Dragonfly

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