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TELRAD illuminated Reflex Finder for Telescopes

The Telrad can be easily adapted to almost any telescope and makes it easy to find astronomical objects. It can be used as a supplement to an optical finder scope or as an autarkic finder. As with a red dot finder, you see the complete starry sky without magnification, and not just a small section as with a normal optical finder. Against this background of the starry sky, three red luminous concentric rings are projected, with apparent diameters of 4°, 2° and 0.5° in the sky. Simply swivel the telescope until the object you are looking for is in the inner ring. The telescope is already pointing in the right direction. Because the object you are looking for is inside the ring, it is not outshined like with a normal red dot finder.

Mounting on the telescope:
A base is included in the scope of delivery of the TELRAD. The base of the TELRAD finder is self-adhesive and can be attached to all telescope tubes with a diameter of 10 cm or more. The base can also be mounted on flat surfaces. The length of the base is about 18 cm. This base remains on the telescope tube, the TELRAD finder itself can be removed or attached at any time by means of the attached quick coupling. Alternatively, fastening with screws (the base has two 4 mm diameter fastening holes) or retaining straps is also possible.

Using the Telrad is as simple as that:
After the base of the Telrad is fixed to the telescope and the batteries are inserted, you can adjust the Telrad parallel to the telescope with 3 knurled screws at the back. For this, turn the knob under the glass and you will see the three rings. The further you turn the knob, the brighter the circles become. Now you can move the circles with the mentioned screws. After this initial adjustment, which usually has to be done only once, you can start immediately.

Combination of Deep Sky Reiseatlas and Telrad - an Alternative to GoTo Telescopes:

Mount the Telrad and use the Deep Sky Reiseatlas for a delightful and innovative search aid, effective like GoTo, but silent and always ready for use with almost any telescope. Sounds exciting, and it is indeed - and that´s how it works:

The Deep Sky Reiseatlas has three rings around almost all listed objects. Exactly the same three rings that Telrad has. The reproduction scale is also accurate. The application is very simple.

Wherever the rings are drawn in the Deep Sky Reiseatlas, there is also a reference star nearby that can be seen with the naked eye. Simply place this reference star in exactly the same position to the rings of the telrad as shown in the Deep Sky Reiseatlas.

An example:

If the star is according to Deep Sky Reiseatlas between the 2nd and 3rd ring of the Telrad, at 9 o´clock, then also place the star in the Telrad to the same position.

If the star is a little outside the 3rd ring, say 6 o´clock, then just put the star in this position in the Telrad. A little estimating won´t hurt.

With a little practice you will always have the objects easily in the field of view of your telescope at low magnification.

Type:Projection finder with illuminated rings
Magnification:no magnification
Mounting on telescope:gluing, with retaining straps or screwing (4 mm holes)
Power supply:2x AA batteries (not included)
Base for Telrad

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Written by Carl-Christopher Biebow
on 2023-02-13

"ein Klassiker"

Written by Horst Pfeiffer
on 2021-07-11

"gutes Produkt"

Written by Harald Schröder
on 2020-09-01

"Es ist viel einfacher als mit dem Sucher. Super Teil."

on 2020-04-07


Written by Rudolf Dennstedt
on 2019-11-27

"Wollte ich schon lange haben."

Written by Hugo Christoffel
on 2019-10-08

"Unkomplizierter Sucher."

Written by Andreas Töpper
on 2018-06-09

"Hätte ich besser schon vor Jahren kaufen sollen. Gehört auf jedes Teleskop."

Written by Rafael Czekalla
on 2018-05-04

"Die qualität lässt zu wünschen übrig. Komplett aus Kunststoff. Es tut aber das, was es soll. "

Written by Thomas Richter
on 2017-09-23

" In Verbindung mit dem Deep Sky-reiseatlas super Finder für Deep sky."

Written by Marcus Roch
on 2017-09-10

"Top Auffindhilfe, mit oder ohne Sucher einsetzbar! Evtl etwas größer als notwendig, aber auf einem großem (~20cm) Teleskop kein Problem. "

Written by rupert smith
on 2017-08-29

"Das Original. Einfach klasse um nächtliche Objekte anzupeilen. Nicht hell genug um auch am Tag zu gebrauchen."

Written by Ulrich Stibane
on 2017-05-30

"-ist bei mir der Ersatz für einen Leuchtpunktsucher an einem Skywatcher Skymax-90 Maksutov 90/1250mm - vielleich ein wenig überdimensieniert hat geht klasse !"

Written by Bernd Jakob
on 2017-03-21

"Ich verwende das Telrad als Sucher für mein Linsenteleskop und bin sehr zufrieden. Erfüllt seine Aufgabe und die Montage ist schnell erledigt.Von meiner Seite eine eindeutige Kaufempfehlung."

Written by Johan Backman
on 2016-07-13

"The original and best. Put one on each telescope!"

Written by CARRETIER Christophe
on 2016-04-27

" Pros :Very efficient way to find, brightness control, use standart cells, easy to tune Cons: Absolutly need of the dewcap, following your case, get or custumize a finder support"

Written by Georg Michel
on 2015-12-23

"Gute Alternative zu Leuchtpunktsuchern. Zusammen mit Deep Sky Atlas eine suer Aufsuchhilfe"

Written by Philipp Riedl
on 2015-12-02

"das Produkt wird von uns Zweckentfremdet als Sucher für einen Verfolgerscheinwerfer auf der Bühne. Hierfür eignet er sich einwandfrei"