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Nagler Eyepieces from TeleVue Optics
Nagler eyepieces were the first ultra wide angle eyepieces on the market. TeleVue has continuously developed and improved these eyepieces. Nagler eyepieces therefore have a decades-long tradition and are nevertheless state of the art.

The 82° field of view already offers the "spacewalk effect". You do not longer see the object through a limited field, you have the feeling of floating in front of the object in space.

Nagler eyepieces are very well suited for fast telescopes such as Newtonians or rich-field refractors. Despite the large field of view, the image is sharp and rich in contrast. This also makes the eyepieces interesting for planet observers. We also recommend Nagler eyepieces for owners of Dobsonian telescopes and other telescopes without tracking. The large field of view allows a longer observation time, while the object drifts through the field of view.

The quality of the Nagler eyepieces comes to the fore, especially at the limits, when it comes to the last resolution or the detection of very faint objects. At telescope meetings, we have often seen the difference to simpler eyepieces in direct comparison. Nagler eyepieces show details where others only present a homogeneous surface.

The different series of Nagler eyepieces:
Type 6: The latest series requires one lens less than the original design, with the same sharpness performance. The eyepieces are lighter and narrower, which also makes them interesting for bino observation. Type 6 stands above all for good insight behaviour. The view is very calm and relaxed, the eye relief of 12 mm slightly higher than would be expected with a type 5 construction with the same focal length.
Type 5: This series requires only 6 lenses and is lighter overall. It is not suitable for day observations and with small focal lengths the interpupillary distance would be too small, why they are not offered.
Type 4: The classic eyepiece series is suitable for telescopes f/5 and above and offers a larger eye relief. With faster telescopes, the quality at the edge will drop slightly. The weight of these eyepieces is slightly higher.

Focal length:9 mm
Apparent field of view:82°
Eye relief:12 mm
Diameter of field stop:12.4 mm
Coating:Fully multi-coated
Elements:7 elements
Length:86 mm
Diameter:41 mm
Weight:190 g
Nagler eyepiece
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Written by Ralf Pacholke
on 2019-11-22

"Die Serie der TeleVue Nagler Okulare ist ideal, um mit einem binokularen Ansatz im Kosmos spazieren zu gehen. Durch das 82° große Gesichtsfeld schweben Sternhaufen und Nebel sowie Galxien faktisch frei im Raum und man hat einen dreidimensionalen Eindruck - gigantisch ! Aber auch monokular verwendet, bilden diese hochwertigen Okulare Sterne bis zum Rand hin scharf ab. Durch ihre Bauweise sind sie dennoch sehr leicht und handlich, um in einem Binokular verwendet zu werden und dabei den Okularauszug nicht zu sehr zu belasten."