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Protective cover by Geoptik
Protects your telescope from the elements

The advantages of protective covers from Geoptik:
is made of tear-resistant material
reflects sunlight and prevents the telescope from heating up

consists of 3 layers, is insulating and water-repellent

Geoptik´s protective covers consist of three layers. The top layer reflects a large part of the sun´s rays. Underneath there are two welded plastic layers. This construction makes the protective covers particularly tear-resistant and durable.

Suitable for the following telescopes, among others:
SCs up to approx. 40 cm aperture
Dobsons or Newtons up to approx. 40 cm aperture
refractors up to approx. 18 cm aperture

Practical tip from Teleskop-Service:

You should not use a waterproof telescope cover as permanent solution for covering your telescope out of a house or an observatory. As a precaution against condensate marks, you can cover the telescope with a cotton cloth (old bed sheet) before pulling over the waterproof cover.
Dimensions (LxW):160 x 120 cm
Circumference:240 cm
Diameter:approx. 75 cm
Protective Cover

Do the protective covers also provide protection in the rain???

Answer from Teleskop-Service:
The protective covers are water-repellent, but moisture can penetrate during heavy rain. The main purpose of the covers is to protect against dust, light moisture and sunlight. If you want to leave the telescope set up for a longer time, for example at a telescope meeting, we recommend three layers:

1. An old linen bed sheet on the telescope, this absorbs the stagnant moisture of the night and prevents condensation.
2. The protective cover, which provides protection from most environmental influences.
3. If the weather is unstable (risk of rain), you should put an additional plastic cover over it to prevent water from entering.

Always fasten the whole thing well, so that everything remains firm in the wind.

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Written by David King
on 2021-08-17

"Okay "

Written by Dirk Fahrendholz
on 2016-10-04

"Einfach und stabile mehrlagige Plane (als Rechteck mit einer offenen Seite geschnitten). Für kurzfristigen Einsatz (z.B. über Nacht) gut geeignet, um die Montierung und das Teleskop vor der Witterung zu schützen. Bei Wind sollte die Folie aber auf jeden Fall noch gesichert werden."

Written by Frank Bünder
on 2016-08-03