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Baader Glass Path Corrector for Binocular Approaches
The corrector is more than a simple barlow lens that compensates for part of the optical path of the binocular approach. Most importantly, the corrector corrects the color fringing caused by the prisms of the binocular approach. The contrast and sharpness of the image increase.

Calculation of the foreshortening factor
The corrector is installed directly in front of the binocular attachment. When the corrector is moved farther away from the bino base, the magnification effect and path compensation increase.

Installation of the glass path correctors with factor 1.25 and 1.7
With these correctors, the lenses are cemented and can be removed from the mount and installed rotated by 180 degrees. Here, for any type of application, the convex (outwardly curved) lens side must always face the telescope (or the sky) and be installed in the mount.
The 1.25x and 1.7x glass path correctors are screwed directly into the Zeiss micro adapter (ring dovetail) at the front of the binocular.
Type:Glass path corrector
Connection eyepiece side:Barrel and M34 thread, also adaptable to T2 (M42x0,75)
Magnification factor:1.7x
Baader glass path corrector


Written by Dennis Dickerson
on 2022-01-25

"Excellent and very useful."

Written by marcel bukovy
on 2016-09-01

"every thigs is OK"

Written by Oliver Buck-Werner
on 2016-01-07

"Zur Verwendung an kurzbrennweitigen Refraktoren mit dem Baader Mark V Großfeldbino hervorragend geeignet. "