TS-Optics 7x50MX Outdoor ED APO Binoculars, with Nitrogen Filling Reviews


TS-Optics 7x50MX Outdoor ED APO Binoculars, with Nitrogen Filling

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Product number TS750MX

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Wrote by Guest on 05.10.2022

"Solides Fernglas! Hat meine Erwartungen deutlich übertroffen! Funktioniert auch in der Dämmerung und nachts sehr gut. Bin begeistert!"

Wrote by Ralph F. on 25.02.2021

Very nice pair of binoculars indeed.
A bit large and weighty but this is how it is supposed to be as for astronomical purposes.
Couple of insignificant minuses at first.
Eyepiece rubber cup is little bit to large as for me. It could be shorter by 2-3 mm.
It is a little bit annoying that one has to focus each ocular separately but since the magnification isn´t that big the depth of field that can be sharply focused due to the eye accommodation spans from infinity up to ~20 meters. So this is not a big issue especially during the astronomical observations.
Optical quality is very high. Small colour fringing might occur if one wants to focus infinitely far objects so that they would appear in the ocular at the comfort zone of 40-50 cm. But I think that it might be the problem inherent in any refractor. And this fringing is barely noticeable.
Overall when focused properly it creates an illusion that your vision is enhanced 7 times as if you aren´t looking through the lenses at all.
General conclusion: Highly recommended!