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Geoptik AERTHA Dobsonian Platform with variable Latitude for Dobsonian Telescopes up to 24" Aperture / 80 kg
With the Dobson platform AERTHA, Geoptik offers a high-end solution for large Dobsonian telescopes. The platform is made of metal and convinces with precise workmanship, a powerful motor and precise tracking. A highlight of the platform is the adjustable latitude from 30° to 60° in 2° steps. Thus the Dobsonian can be aligned quite exactly to the celestial pole. The object (Moon, Planet, Nebula, Cluster, ...) remains reliably in the center of the eyepiece.

The Dobsonian platform can track objects up to one hour without slipping. This is a problem of many simpler platforms, especially at the beginning or end of the tracking time. Geoptik has solved this problem with the AERTHA platform.

This Dobsonian platform is one of the most powerful equatorial platforms. It carries Dobsonian telescopes up to 80 kg weight or up to 24" aperture. This provides you with a powerful tracking system even for very large Dobsonians.

Astrophotographic possibilities
Of course a Dobsonian platform can´t replace an equatorial mount, but the variable lattitude setting and the exact tracking give some photographic possibilities, especially with the modern CMOS cameras, for example from ZWO.
Photography of moon and planets:

Since the exposure times are very short, the results of equatorially mounted telescopes will not differ. Photography is much easier than with a normal Dobsonian, because the planet or moon crater remains in the center of the image even at high magnifications. You can do a nice series of shots.
Deep-sky astrophotography (nebulae, star clusters and galaxies):

With exact polar alignment, exposure times of up to 30 seconds are possible and, depending on the position of the object in the sky, even beyond. Modern CMOS cameras and even DSLRs offer remarkable results with very high ISO settings or gain preamplification. Simply expose, instead of 3-4x 10 minutes each, 30-40x each 20 seconds and you will wonder how many details you can already see. So you can plunge into the adventure of astrophotography with large telescopes.

Product description of Geoptik:
The EARTHA project is the result of several years of study, planning and failed attempts that we have overcome, however, availing ourselves of capable suppliers and the certainty of our project.
Field tests carried out for a long time have shown that the tracking system at variable latitude works well from 30° to 60° of inclination.

There have been many difficulties to solve, one of which has committed us most; the variable declination. In fact, being able to vary the latitude according to the observation area is not easy.

Another challenge was the resolution of the drag problem that placed limits on the tracking time. In fact, after passing a certain time tracking, the system began to slip and no longer "grip" making the observation "useful" only a few minutes. Now it comes to an hour tracking.

We have implemented load capacity of the previous version; now it is possible to use Dobson up to 24" and up to a weight of 80 kg.

The platform has the possibility to change the latitude of 2° in 2° so you can bring it to the various “star party” even if with considerable variation of latitude knowing that you will have to act only a little on the speed control after having changed the latitude.

With the remote control you can increase or decrease the tracking speed and, with a dedicated button, you can return the platform to the starting position.
This electric system is powered by a 12Volt battery (not included) that is positioned under the basement.
Many other technical and mechanical details are described in this manual that will confirm the right choice of your purchase and will give you proof of superior quality by putting you in the best condition for your astronomical observations.
Type:Equatorial Platform for Dobsonians
Carrying capacity:up to 80 kg
Applicable:from 30°-60° north / south latitude
Power supply:12 V
Length:60 cm.
Width:50 cm.
Height:16 cm.
Weight:16 kg.
Geoptik Dobsonian Platform

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