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Baader GP/EQ5 Style Dovetail Bar for SC and EHD Telescopes from Celestron
The dovetail bar is made of aluminum profile. By using a profile ddesign, the weight could be kept low - with full stability. In fact these profiled bars are as stable as massive bars, only much lighter.

Compatible telescopes

Generally you can attach almost any telescope to this dovetail bar. Holes for Schmidt-Cassegrains (Celestron C8, C9,25, C11, EHD800, EHD925 and EHD1100) are pre-drilled. In addition instruments can be mounted via tube rings.

The bar has a multi-radius flange which can adapt to the tube curvature of Schmidt-Cassegrains, but also of other telescopes. Thus you can give up tube rings.

The dovetail bar fits to all mounts with EQ5 style saddle plate
The # 2451101 dovetail bar fits to all mounts which have a Vixen style saddle plate:
Vixen GP, SX, SXV, …
Skywatcher EQ3, EQ5, H-HEQ5, AZ-EQ5, …
Celestron CG3, CG4, AVX Advanced VX, …
Meade, Bresser Mon1 and Mon2, …
and also Vixen style dovetail clamps

Construction of a camera bracket or bracket for a guide scope with the dovetail bar
Many amateur astronomers want to attach a second telescope, a guide scope or a long telephoto lens to the Celestron SC or EHD telescope. With the # 2451101 dovetail bar, that is possible.
Mount the dovetail bar to the telescope by using the matching bores. Any SC or EHD provides the matching female threads twice - at the top side and at the bottom side.
Then you can attach one or two matching dovetail clamps on which you can mount the guide scope or camera holder.

Design:Profiled dovetail bar
Suitable for the following telescopes:Celestron SC and EHD telescopes from 8" to 11" aperture
Length:470 mm
Baader dovetail bar without screws

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Written by Reiner Nickel
on 2023-02-02

"Habe die Schiene für mein C8 erworben. Passt wie es soll."

Written by horst faust
on 2018-01-24

"Damit ist das Anbringen von Zusätzlichen Equipment sehr flexibel. Ich habe beim C8 due Schiene hinten überstehen und kann damit auch bei der Hyperstar Verwendung einfach einen Gewichtsausgleich herstellen."

Written by Dirk Steffens
on 2016-12-13

"Die Prismenschiene lässt sich wunderbar am Orion UK VX 12L montieren, um den Newton zur Planetennachführung auch mal auf eine Montierung zu schnallen. Die Schiene ist leicht und stabil und zum sparen von Gewicht sehr gut geeignet."

Written by Harald Braun
on 2016-11-29

"hält C8 bestens an der EQ6 Montierung."