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Orion 2" LRGB Astrophotography Filter Set
Set of 2" Luminance - IR cutoff - Red, Green and blue interference filters

Take your astrophotography to the next level with this set of Luminance (IR cutoff), Red, Green, and Blue telescope filters. They´re designed for creating high-quality composite color astrophotos with monochrome imaging cameras.

Combining separate images taken through these four filters with a monochrome camera provides a higher-resolution final image than an image from a comparably sized color cameras. Our LRGB set features dichroic glass filters designed for maximum transmission. The color filters have an IR-blocking coating, and all filters are parfocal to eliminate the need for refocusing between exposure sets. Their anodized aluminum cells thread into the Orion multiple and motorized filter wheels for convenient filter selection. Foam-lined telescope filter case included.
Filter thread:2"
4 Filters