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TS Optics Premium Spotting Scope BW100Z 22-67x 100 mm aperture
This TS spotting scope is a real multi-talent and suited for almost all areas of application. With the TS BW100Z, you have a complete telescope, a telephoto lens and a spotting scope in one. Due to the large aperture of 100 mm, a bright and contrasty image is ensured even in low light. Everything is complete and ready to use. And the application areas are highly diverse:
Birding and animal watching
Landscape observing
Trecking, hunting and safari - the spotting scope is waterproof
Astronomy - you can also use your 1.25" astro eyepieces for increasing magnification up to approx. 135x
Digiscoping - you can attach your camera with the optional TS BW spotting scope camera adapter and also screw it firmly to the spotting scope.
Marksmen - the spotting scope displays the target sharply even if it is in large distance, you can can see the bullet holes very well.

The BW100Z Spotting Scope offers:
It is ideal for bird and nature observing, for a view into the distance ar an occasional view into the sky. The BW series of the TS-Optics´ spotting scopes offers all features known from significantly more expensive spotting scopes.
Through the 360° click-stop rotation, people like marksmen have the possibility to get the best insight angle for them.
The TS BW spotting scope are waterproof and against fogging, nitrogen-filled.
Wide-angle zoom eyepiece with continous magnification from 22 to 67x
Due to the 1.25" (31.7 mm) receptacle, many telescope eyepieces can be used. For example, you get 133x magnification with the optional TS-Optics Planetary 4 mm. Suitable eyepieces are linked in the accessories section.
Adjustable twist eyecups for achieving the optimal eye relief for spectacle wearers.
The base has three 1/4" photo threads, so you can better belance the spotting scope out or attach it to many astronomical mounts with dovetail bar.

Photography with this spotting scope
The TS-Optics BW100Z is ready for digiscoping. With the optional photo adapter CA-Final for the BW100Z, you can take beautiful photos through the spotting scope and use it as telephoto lens. The adapter can be found in the accessories section.

The adaption could not be easier: Screw the optional camera adaptor on the zoom and then attach your digital camera with the optional T2 ring or objective adapter (if you don´t have a camera with interschangeable lens) and you can take great photographs through the spotting scope.

The magnification factor of the zoom is kept here - the spotting scope turns into a telephoto lens with a variable focal length between approx. 450 mm and 1350 mm.

Photographing through the spotting scope with the smartphone
Modern smartphones now have very good cameras. With the items # TSSMH-DEL (smartphone holder) and the TSSMHDEL-T2 (T2 adapter) you can screw the smartphone directly to the photo adapter and have a stable and precise connection for spectacular shots through the spotting scope.

Special features in detail:

1.25" eyepiece connection with locking system

The 1.25" eyepiece connection is established at professional telescopes for quite some time. The advantages are obvious. You can quickly change eyepieces and have the complete range of professional eyepieces at hand.

For example, you can achieve 135x magnification with the planetary eyepiece HR4.

How do I calculate the magnification?

That is very easy. The spotting scope has a focal length of 540 mm. Just divide the spotting scope´s focal length by the focal length of the eyepiece and obtain the magnification.

Example: 540mm / 4mm (focal length of HR 4 eyepiece) = 135x

Coarse focusing and fine focusing for perfect sharpness

Use the coarse focusing for quick viewing. When birding, for example, you have to change the focal plane quickly for not missing the motif.

At the same rotary knob, you have the micro transmission for observing something in detail. Especially in photography through the spotting scope, exact focusing is very important for perfect results.

The carrying bag:

The provided bag is more than just a container. Of course, the padded bag will perform this task very well.

But can also mount the spotting scope onto a tripod with the bag. The coverings of lens, eyepiece and focusing are opened, the rest of the spotting scope stays protected. Thus the operation in very humid environmental conditions is possible, for example when hunting. The tripod is not included.

Versatile tripod connection and 360° click-stop rotation:

The tripod connection of the BW80Z spotting scope is elaborate, too. It offers a 360° click-stop rotation if the insight should be at the side instead of at top.

The connector offers three 1/4" photo threads, so you can better balance the spotting scope or even attach it to many astronomical mounts by using an optional dovetail bar.

Aperture:100 mm
Objective:2-element achromatic objective
Magnification:22x-67x continous
Coating:high-quality multi-coating for maximum color fidelity
Focal length:540 mm
Weight:ca. 2.8 kg
Total length:With zoom eyepiece approx. 540 mm
Fogging:Prevented by nitrogen filling
Dimensions with eyepiece cover (LxWxH):approx. 570 mm x 115 mm x 200 mm
Spotting scope with zoom eyepiece
T2 adapter BW-T2
Carrying case CA-BW
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Written by Gerhard Ullrich
on 2021-04-02

"ich benutze das Spektiv zur Sternenbeobachtung. Für den Überblick über Sternhaufen oder Nebel gut geeignet"

Written by hans Prins
on 2018-03-02

"Very good spotting scope , use it also for astronomy.Very happy with it. Good price. Very good and quick service from Telescope-Express, like always."

Written by Harald Haslacher
on 2017-08-03

"Sehr gute Qualität bei kleinen bis mittlerer Vergrößerung, bei größter Vergrößerung etwas lichtschwach und nicht über den ganzen Sehbereich hinweg gleichmäßig scharfzustellen."

Written by Rene Summesberger
on 2017-07-04

"Ich verwende das Spektiv für die Beobachtung von Vögel. Qualität ist gut.Ich habe ein TS-optics Final 100 F-ED, ein TS-optics BW 100 Z und ein zusätzlich ein älteres Swarovski Spektiv nebeneinander vergleichen. Für meine Zwecke fand ich keinen Unterschied, kaufte aber das das hochwertigere ts-optics, in der Überzeugung, dass es doch einfach besser sein muss, wenn es doppelt soviel kostet (:/) und bin jetzt glücklich. Bzgl. Langlebigkeit Khan ich nach 2 Wochen noch nichts sagen."

Written by Rainer Bettermann
on 2017-05-16

"Das Produkt setze ich für den Schießsport ein. Ich kann es empfehlen, da es sehr lichtstark ist. Das Spektiv hat viele Einstellmöglichleiten."