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APM 150 45° SD Binoculars for 2" Eyepieces
High-End SD-APO Bino at a sensational price!

APM´s 150 mm binoculars are among the most powerful binoculars in the world in this size class! 2x full 6 inch aperture promises extremely much light for your eyes! The modern optics provide excellent resolution, the high-quality Extra Low Dispersion glass FCD100 reduces the possible residual chromatic aberration to a minimum. A very precise adjustment allows even high magnifications and is characterized by an excellent resolution. These binoculars are of course waterproof, weatherproof and therefore excellent for outdoor use.

Whoever observes monocularly with 6" (many amateurs do this) will certainly be very surprised which increase in detail two eyes can provide when viewing binocularly. Binocular observation promotes natural performance to associate the weakest details by the brain. The gain in "information" is therefore more than proportional! The result: M31 already shows clear structures, the Orion Nebula of course (best results with nebula filters)! Details in the Veil Nebula become visible, Saturn is breathtaking in sight (no kidding!). M13 is resolved ... and so one could continue the list. This device is not a toy and is therefore fully suitable for very serious astronomical work. Our Bino is equipped with 2" eyepiece mounts, which makes it universal in the choice of eyepieces.

And while we´re on the subject: Compare our price with the competition!

Integrated are sliding dew shields with front cover, a carrying handle with sighting device, a photo tripod adapter with 3/8" thread connection and 2x 30 mm eyepieces with 74 degrees apparent FOV (28x magnification).

In order to keep the glass light, the body was made of a magnesium alloy. It is, of course, waterproof and filled with nitrogen!

Applications for the APM 150 mm 90° DD binoculars:
Astronomy - the 90° view allows a comfortable viewing angle (for medium heights, for zenith observations a suitable tripod is required)
Sighting and surveillance binoculars - also for distant objects (e.g. targets, navy, military, police surveillance, whale watching, ...)
Birding, animal and nature watching - also here with very comfortable view at medium height above the horizon

Number of lenses:Air-spaced 2-lens apo, rear lens SD glass FCD100
Focal length:840 mm
Objective lens diameter:150 mm
Coating:All optical surfaces broadband multi-coated
Interpupillary distance:63 mm to 79 mm
True field of view:2.7°
Dew shield internal thread:M169x1,5-6H
Dew shields:Extendable
Body material:Aluminium-magnesium alloy
Waterproof:Yes, with nitrogen filling
Eyepiece connection:2" receptacles
Focusing system:Independent focus
Photo thread:1/4" and 3/8"
Dimensions:Length 840 mm x width 372 mm (outer diameter dew shield) x height 280 mm
Weight:21.8 kg (without eyepieces and without case)
Weight binoculars with eyepieces and case:38 kg
150 mm SD apo binoculars with handle and tripod adapter
4 dust caps
Set 2x 30 mm UF eyepieces with 74° apparent field of view; magnification 28x
Adjustment certificate for 100x magnification
Sturdy transport case made of plastic with foam inlay

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