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TS Travel Mount - Tracking for Astrophotography
Astrophotography becomes easy with the TSEQ25-Foto. The mount comes complete with accurate motorized tracking and a solid camera connection. After a simple set-up, you can simply attach the camera or small telescope to the mount and start astrophotography.

The mount carries equipment up to about 4 kg. With good polar alignment, it tracks well for several minutes up to a focal length of approx. 200 mm, the motor reliably compensates for the earth´s rotation and the stars become pinpoint.

Setting up the mount is that simple
We recommend using a compass to "polar align" the mount. This allows you to easily determine the north or south direction.
Set up the mount horizontally.
Set the correct latitude (see operating instructions) - there is a scale on the mount for this purpose.
Determine the north direction and turn the mount until the hour axis or right ascension axis points north (see operating instructions).
Switch on the motorized tracking.

Now you are ready to start with astrophotography. Start with shorter exposure times and always check whether the stars are nice and round. Then you can slowly increase the exposure times.

Online operating instructions from Teleskop-Service
You can find the operating instructions for the mount here: TSEQ25_en.pdf
Mount type:German equatorial mount
Adjustment:Coarse adjustment and manual fine adjustment
Tracking:Motorized tracking (earth rotation compensation)
Latitude adjustment:0° - 60°
Weight mount head:2.6 kg
Tripod:Aluminum tripod - height adjustable 63 - 95 cm
Tripod weight:2.6 kg
Diameter counterweight rod:13.5 mm
Telescope attachment:1/4" thread and GP/EQ5 style dovetail bars
Aluminum tripod
Shafts for manual fine adjustment
Dovetail bar with 1/4" screw
Motor for tracking

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