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Product number: LCL1069

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TeleVue Large Field Corrector LCL-1069 for NP apochromats from TeleVue
The NP apochromats from TeleVue have a flat, well corrected image field, but with sensors above APS format, astigmatism becomes visible.

For this reason, the LCL-1069 was designed for the Petzval refractors NP 101is and NP 127is, correcting astigmatism - the stars are dots up to the edge.

The corrector is suitable for the following TeleVue apo telescopes:
NP 101is
NP 127is

Suitable for telescopes:NP101is and NP127is
Recommended for sensor diagonals of:35 mm (above 50 mm vignetting from the focuser)
Connection:2.4" IS-Wide-T thread at both sides
Back focus:approx. 61.5 mm
Plastic box