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Lacerta Flat Box Controller for Cameras with mechanical Shutter
A flat must be absolute uniform. Minimal inaccuracies adulterade the redult. Thus the flat can cause a gradient, especially with very short exposure times. Even with a very fast shutter, different areas of the sensor are still exposed to the light for a different time. The resulting gradient then has to be removed tediously and valuable information is lost.

The solution is to light up the flatfield box briefly - but only when the shutter is open! The FBC does just this.
In standalone mode, it reacts to the incomming shutter signal, either of the MGEN, a remote control, or coming from the USB program. It can be selected after which delay and how long the flatfield box should be switched on, and also the brightness, thus a separate dimmer is not necessay. The USB program also replaces the timer, you can additionally set total exposure time, number of flats and pause. It is also possible to set the mirror lockup.
Suitable for:Lacerta FFB Flatfield Boxes
Lacerta Flat Box Controller

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Written by Bernd Wiegmann
on 2023-09-28

"Mit dem Controller kann ich jetzt prima die Flatbox per N.I.N.A steuern und das Erstellen der Flats in die Sequenz mit einbauen. Ich brauche da nur einmal die richtigen Werte für Belichtungszeit und Helligkeit im Flat Assistent ermitteln und die werden dann automatisch verwendet."