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TS-Optics Side-by-Side Mount Losmandy Style
A side-by-side mount or dual mount is the safest way to attach two telescopes to one mount. It is superior to piggyback mounting, the conventional method where a second telescope is attached to the main telescope. The most important reasons are:
more favourable lever ratios for the mount
more rigid connection (most tube rings are lined with felt, which is not good for rigidity)
higher versatility - you can combine different systems
optimal balance - by shifting the tubes, you can optimally balance the systems

Among others, the Doppel3Z side-by-side mounting plate is suitable for the following mounts:
Losmandy G11, Titan, ...
Skywatcher EQ6, EQ8, ...
Celestron CGEM, CGX, ...
10Micron GM2000, ...
iOptron CEM60, CEM120, ...
All further mounts with Losmandy style saddle plate

Important note:
The saddle plate are adjustable. If a plate is not perpendicular to the dovetail bar, it can be correctly aligned again after loosening two hexagon socket screws. The screws are then tightened again.
Weight:approx. 3.5 kg
Total width:420 mm (without locking screws)
Distance between saddle plates:260 mm (middle to middle)
Connection at mount side:Losmandy style dovetail bar
Connections at the telescope side:Losmandy style saddle plates
TS Side-by-Side Mounting Plate

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