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Product expected to be available from 01.09.2024

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Baader Stronghold Tangential Assembly, up to 7 kg Load - black Version
a compact but stiff 2D head with micro adjustments

The Stronghold was developed by Baader Planetarium to attach everything from lightweight finder scopes to guiding telescopes and heavy telephoto lenses to your main telescope in a secure, stable and precisely adjustable way.

Adjustment is made by means of four external set screws by unscrewing one set screw and readjusting the opposite set screw. This allows the sky section in the mounted accessory ( like the BAADER Vario Finder, lens, camera, spotting scope, guiding scope, etc.) to be adjusted very precisely or adapted to the telescope. After the adjustment has been made, both set screws are locked so that the tangential assembly is fixed.

The Stronghold tangential assemply comes with a stainless steel locking dowel that is attached to the azimuth blocks in a plug-in holder when delivered. With the help of this tensioning pin, you can tighten the elevation axis after setting the desired inclination in addition to the two adjustment screws by inserting the pin into the lateral tensioning screw and tightening it clockwise a few degrees. This will give you the maximum stiffness of the system. To adjust the axis, you should loosen this screw again by the same amount.

Fields of use for the Stronghold gear head:
Mounting of guiding scopes for astrophotography with easy adjustment
Mounting of telephoto lenses for piggyback astrophotography - 100% adjustable parallel to the main tube
Attachment of finder scopes or rich field refractors
Normal photography - precise adjustment of telephoto lenses for reproducible images

Mounting options of the Stronghold gear head:
Connection possibilities at the base:
The base has 1/4" and 3/8" photo thread connection and allows mounting on photo tripods.
The GP clamp can also be mounted to the base, allowing connection to GP dovetails
Additionally, the base has metric threaded holes for customization

Connection possibilities at the top side:
1/4" and 3/8" photo threads for telephoto lenses, spotting scopes, ...
GP/EQ clamp (Vixen style) for standard dovetail bars

Load capacity:Photographic max. 7 kg
Adjustment range:Azimuth +/- 23°, elevation +/- 35°
Mounting options top plate:1/4" photo thread, 6 pcs. M6 threaded hole (recommended thread depth 6 mm)
Mounting options base plate:1/4" and 3/8" photo thread, 4 pcs. M6 and 4 pcs. M5 threaded holes (recommended thread depth 6 mm)
Material:Aluminum, black hard anodized
Length:115 mm (incl. adjustment knobs)
Width:128 mm (incl. adjustment knobs)
Height:54 mm (without EQ clamp)
Weight:680 g
Stronghold tangent assembly
Locking dowel
Holder for locking dowel
Reducer 3/8" to 1/4"
EQ clamp
Photo screw 1/4" (in the as-delivered-condition, the photo thumb screw is secured with an O-ring which has to be removed prior to use)

Hints for using the Baader Stronghold tangential assembly:

Telephoto lens for piggyback photography
(shown here in blue version)

The Stronghold tangential assembly has been developed in order to mount telescopes, guiding scopes or tele lenses stiff and precisely but also smoothly adjustable, um Sucher Teleskope, Leitfernrohre oder Teleobjektive stabil zu befestigen und genau zu verstellen.

Adjusting in azimuth and elevation:

1. Loosen the fixing screw
2. Adjust for the desired angle with the two screws in push-pull-configuration
3. Lock the fixing screw with the additional lever (supplied with your purchase)

Thus enabling a connection flush with the adjacent areas. This is much stiffer than other solutions.

Stronghold tech drawing
                Fig. 1: saddle plate                                                                              Fig. 2: base plate

Mounting to a telescope using the base plate (see technical drawing right above):

individual adaption with many female threads
-- direct assembly of the (supplied) GP dovetail clamp
-- Optional 3" Losmandy-style plates available
Link to the Baader 3" Reiterklemme
-- Attaches directly to photo tripos using the  1/4" and 3/8" thread

Attaching accessories to the Stronghold tangential assembly (see technical drawing left above):

-- Spotting scopes / cameras: via the 1/4" and 3/8" screw (supplied)
-- Small and medium telescopes via a GP dovetail clamp (see "accessories" section)
-- If a dovetail clamp is desired in both sides, we recommend the additional

Baader Stronghold with Vario Finder

The picture above shows the high-quality Baader Vario Finder. If the eyepiece is replaced by an autoguider, you have an excellent guiding scope for long-term astro photography.

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Written by Wouter Cazaux
on 2023-02-02

"Perfect for mounting piggy-back scope on top of other scope. Allows very fine-tuned alignment. Both robust and very sensitive "

Written by Heiner Weiß
on 2021-11-22

Sehr hochwertig gearbeitet, wie von Baader gewohnt. Die Schrauben lassen sich butterweich drehen.

Written by Joachim Melzner
on 2018-07-11

"das ist die richtige Lösung für mein ***"