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TS-Optics M90x1 Tilting Adapter
You have your telescope aligned perfectly and enjoy fine stars on the optical axis, but your camera shows distorted stars in one corner. The larger the camera sensor, the stronger becomes the effect. Almost every astrophotographer knows this "bad corner". The most likely causes are:
The field of the telescope is slightly inclined. This can happen due to a simple focuser or due to slightly tilted optics.
The sensor of the camera is not exactly perpendicular to the optical axis. The manufacturers glue the sensors into the body. The accuracy is sufficient for normal applications. But high-resolution optics show this error.

The tilting adapter from TS-Optics is one possible solution:
With three adjustment screws, you tilt the focuser sensitively and thus adjust the camera sensor exactly to the optical field of the telescope. With the locking screws, the position is fixed. The elongated stars in the corner become round again. This time-consuming process needs to be done only once a time. However, we recommend not to change the orientation of the adapter to the camera sensor anymore.

A further possible application for self-construction and improvement of refractors:
Many basic refractor telescopes have good optics, but they don´t supply an adjustment possibility. If you install the GSRCJ90 between objective and tube, you can tilt the objective and thus align it optimally to the tube. You only need an adapter from the objective to M90x1 and the subsequent adaption to the tube.

To adjust the adapter, two hex allen keys (3 + 2 mm) are necessary. These are not included.
Connection at telescope side:M90x1 thread (female), 7.5 mm deep
Connection at camera side:M90x1 thread (male), 9 mm long
Optical path:Minimum 15 mm without male thread
Internal (optical) diameter:74 mm
External diameter:116 mm
TS-Optics M90 Tilting Adapter

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TS-Optics GSO 6" Ritchey-Chretien Pro RC Telescope 154/1370 mm OTA

TS-Optics GSO 6" Ritchey-Chretien Pro RC Telescope 154/1370 mm OTA

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Written by Gerhard Geipel
on 2023-07-16

"Guter Neigeflansch um 8"" Teleskope mit der Kamera anzu passen."

Written by Scott Richmond
on 2023-06-21


Written by David Franke
on 2023-05-11

"Hab ich für den 6"" RC von ts benötigt um es exakt zu kolimieren. funktioniert ohne Probleme. Das Wiesel gibt 10/10 Pkt"

Written by Ingo Spindler
on 2023-04-01

"Konnte den Neigeflansch bisher noch nicht testen, er macht aber einen sehr soliden Eindruck."

Written by Hubert Hautecler
on 2022-01-26

"Good product for collimation (focuser) of RC telescope. Works fine."

Written by Johannes Josefsen
on 2021-12-14

"Working as expected"

Written by Carlos Forray
on 2021-10-09

"Excellent quality, worked as expected!"

Written by Andrea Alessandrelli
on 2017-08-16

"The ring works but the thread needs lubrication. "

Written by Erich Daltabuit
on 2016-02-13

"für exakte Justierung des Okularauszuges gegen den Hauptspiegel erforderlich"