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TS Screw Adapter for Baader MPCC Corrector on Skywatcher Newtonians
The Baader MPCC coma corrector is widely used among astrophotographers. With this adapter, you can optimally connect the coma corrector to your Skywatcher Newtonian - without fear of tilting or distortion, absolutely safe and, above all, with very short paths. The corrector disappears completely in the extension tube. Only the connection thread on the camera side protrudes from the adapter. The distances from the camera thread of 55 mm are retained even with the adapter.

The tssw-mpcc also fits the TSKomakorr, but then the latter only has a working distance of 54 mm.

Connecting the corrector to the Newtonian with the adapter:
The coma corrector is screwed into the M48 female thread of the TS adapter.
The adapter is screwed with the coma corrector into the M54x1 thread of the focuser.
Afterwards, the camera can be connected via the matching adapters as before.

The adapter is suitable for the following telescopes:
The adapter is suitable for all Skywatcher Newtonian and Dobsonian telescopes equipped with a 2" Crayford focuser. The connection thread of the focuser tube is a M54x1 female thread. When adapting to other focusers, please note the pitch. Many focusers have an M54x0.75 female thread.

The advantages of a threaded solution:
With the normal 2" Skywatcher adapter, three screws press on the 2" barrel of the coma corrector. Due to the locking groove of the corrector, tilting can easily occur. Blurred stars in the corners are the result. A screwed solution prevents this.
The metal screws slightly scratch the body of the coma corrector, and may even distort the lenses if too much contact pressure is created. A screw mount, on the other hand, does not exert any pressure on the corrector.
With a screw connection, a 100% fit on the optical axis is always guaranteed.
With a plug-in solution, the unit can also fall out of the 2" receptacle of the focuser at times when the screws become loose. This cannot happen with a threaded solution.

Telescope side connection:Skywatcher male thread
Corrector connection:M48 female thread
Camera connection:T2 male thread on MPCC
Camera rotation:Possible by locking ring (optional)
A coma corrector is not included in the scope of delivery.

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Written by Christoph Schymura
on 2023-10-06

"Passt, sitzt wackelt nicht und hat kein Spiel. Bisher habe ich mit Verkippung gekämpft, das ist nun wirklich Geschichte. Einfach zu adaptieren und sofort einsetzbar. Ergebnis: Runde Sterne bis zum Rand mit dem Baader MPCC und das ohne die Gefahr der Verkippung im Okularauszug."

Written by Detlef Jacobi
on 2023-03-07

"Passt perfekt"

Written by Holger Rentzow
on 2016-02-20

"Lieferung schnell und gut wie immer."