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TS-Optics Telescope Holder for Filters with Threaded Connection
The holder is individually adapted to your telescope or telephoto lens. It is simply pushed over your telescope or dew cap. Three plastic screws guarantee a secure fit. To avoid scratches on the paint, the holder is coated with felt on the inside.

On the front side the holder has an individual internal thread, where you can screw in, for example, your etalon filter or photo filter. The internal thread is also manufactured individually for you. The thread connections of the Etalon filters from Coranado or Lunt are known.

We need the following information from you:
At the end of the order process before submitting the order you will find the note field "Add your comments to this order here". Please enter the following information in this field:
outer diameter of the dew cap or lens mount
Exact name of the Etalon filter possibly with an indication of the thread
with another filter (color filter, nebula filter, ...) we need exact information about the thread.

Holders for telescopes and filters with other diameters
In the accessories section you will find holders with other diameters. If the filter thread is larger than the mounting diameter on the telescope, you must use the next larger variant.
Production:Made-to-measure according to your specifications
Clamping:Fixation with three plastic screws
Distance between screws and edge:17 mm
Fastening of your filter:via an individual internal thread on the holder
Holder for filters

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