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Fine tuning rings from TS Optics are a true problem solution
They allow fine adjustment of the distance with much higher precision than with M48 extension tubes. Furthermore, in most cases the stability is higher than with variable extension tubes.

In opposite to plastic tuning rings, a clean seat is always guaranteed with metal rings from TS. They can always be removed, too, even at low temperatures.

Applications of fine tuning rings:
Optimizing the distance between camera and corrector
Fine tuning of extremely short distances of only a few millimeters, where extension tubes are too long, due to their construction
Male threads which are too long can be bridged, so that they are not a drawback anymore (like with the TS filter quick changer, where the male thread would block the drawer)
Especially fine threads tend to jam, the seize, and cannot screw them apart again. Often, the reason for this are improperly made last thread turns. Through using the fine tuning ring, these thread turns are excluded, the bearing gets more proper.

Suitable for:M48 thread
Inner diameter:49 mm
Thickness:0.5 mm
M48 fine tuning ring

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Written by Karel Koss
on 2023-02-21

"Passt, kein Problem"

Written by Alexander Reinders
on 2021-08-10

"Passt einwandfrei!"

Written by Felix Gelpke
on 2020-01-29

"Zur Fein-Abstimmung des Abstandes zwischen Korrektor und Kamera."