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TS-Optics Adapter from SC to 2" receptacle
The adapter is part of the TS Rotation System and allows the connection to telescopes, correctors and focusers with male SC thread (Celestron, Meade, ...). To this adapter, you can attach the connection adapters of the TS Rotation System. The three knurled screws fit perfectly to the dovetail ring of the connection adapters. Additionally, you can clamp any 2" accessories.

The TS Rotation System - a highly flexible adapter concept:
The adapter presented here is part of the TS Rotation System. This is a further development of existing adaptor solutions with considerably more functions. The TS Rotation System offers a number of advantages:
2" connector: The Rotation System always includes a 2" connector
2" filter connection: 2" filters can be integrated into the system.
[*360° rotation: With this, you can always bring camera or eyepiece into the optimal position.
self-centering and self-locking: Connection is made via an annularly tapered groove (dovetail ring), thus the adapter tightens itself and cannot tilt.
extra short: this means that you can easily reach the focal point with most systems.

A diagram of the TS Rotation System:

On the left you find the connectors at the telesccope side, on the right the connectors at the eyepiece or camera side.

The connectors can be freely combined, so you can change the connections as you wish, in any direction. Additionally, the TS Rotation System provides an inegrated connection for 2" filters.

We offer the following connections:
T2 (M42x0.75)
M42x1 thread mount (M42x1)
2" filter threadgewinde (M48x0.75)
2" SC thread (Celestron/Meade)

Possible applications of the TS Rotation System:
Representative for many fields of application, we present a few possible applications here:
Space-saving option for placing 2" filters between telephoto lens or telescope and camera. For example, you can prepare the Rubinar 300, 500 or the MTO 1000 (Mak 1000) for photography with filters.
Adaption filter drawer and 360° rotation for many field flatteners and correctors. Modern correctors offer a longer distance from connecting thread (like M48 oder SC) to the camera plane. Here, the Rotation System offers an elegant way for rotation and also adaption.
Quick coupler - an important part of the Rotation System - within seconds, you have disconnected the camera from the telescope or telephoto lens, for example for changing batteries. The laborious scewing can be omitted.
Protecting the camera from dust - the connection adapter with the 2" filter can permanently stay in front of the camera, so an intrusion of dust into the camera body can be avoided effectively.
Protection of the telescope from dust - placed behind the SC, the Rotation System can protect the interior of the telescope effectively from dust and you can also place a 2" IR or UV filter here.
Short 2" connection - the Rotation System always includes a 2" adaption - that is a nice side effect, you can easily attach this fascinating system.

Those are just a few of the applications, a lot stems from the astronomical practice - and exactly this is the TS Rotation System - a system, developed by amateur astronomers for amateur astronomers.
Connection at telescope side:SC thread (female) - length 9 mm
Connection at camera/eyepiece side:2" receptacle (female)
Length of the adapter:23.8 mm
2" clamping:By three knurled screws
TS adapter with three knurled screws

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Written by Nazario Montuori
on 2017-08-17


Written by Gilbert Winter
on 2016-10-04

"Das SC-Gewinde lässt sich nach einer Drehung nur mühsam weiter drehen auf die Gefahr hin es nicht mehr auseinander zu bekommen. Schade! Hoffe, dass das Gewinde am Reducer nicht zu sehr leidet. "