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TS-Optics 2" adapter for Orion and Skywatcher Mak-Cass telescopes
Skywatcher and Orion offer good and affordable Maksutov systems. Due to the long f-number, eyepieces with long focal length can be used. But eyepieces with a larger field stop diameter are naturally 2" eyepieces.

With the standard 1.25" adapter, you give away valuable field of view. This problem is solved with the TSSKM-2.

Please note:
This adapter fits only to Maksutovs originally equipped with an 1.25" adaptation. Maks with a 2" adapter unfortunately have a different thread size on the OTA´s back side. The 90 mm Mak can also not be used with this adapter as it would come too close to the focus knob.

Experts comment by Teleskop-Service:
The compatible Maksutov-Cassegrains have a baffle tube diameter of approx. 30 mm. In theory, one might doubt that a 2" eyepiece makes sense here. But we can say: it does!

If using eyepieces with larger field stops, the image does not become dark at once but slowly from the perimeter to the edge. The human brain can compensate brightness differences up to approx. 15%.

As long as an illumination of 85% is acceptable, the usable field stop diameter rises to 40 mm and you significantly gain field of view.
Telescope side connection:45 mm Skywatcher thread
Eyepiece side connection:2" receptacle
Mechanical length:55 mm
TS-Optics 2" adapter

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Written by Markus Hutt
on 2023-03-22

"tut was es soll"

Written by Alexander Reinders
on 2021-12-29

"Der einzige Adapter, der den Anschluss von 2"" Okularen ermöglicht."

Written by Efrain Rodriguez
on 2020-01-30

"Todo correcto y muy amables, gracias. "

Written by Thomas Landwehr
on 2018-02-27

"Tut was es soll am kleinen Maksutov."

Written by Martin Grandjean
on 2017-07-14

"stabile Anbindung für 2"" Zubehör"

Written by Ulrich Söder
on 2017-01-06

"Fast alternativloses Teil zu Adaption von 2"" Zubehör, wenn man keine eigene Drehbank hat."

Written by Rainer Kuban
on 2016-03-06

"alles ok!"